The IESO Long-Term RFP - Vaughan MTS #1E

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The IESO Long-Term RFP - Vaughan 1E

After more than a decade of strong supply, Ontario is entering a period of emerging electricity system needs, driven by increased demand, the retirement of the Pickering nuclear plant, the refurbishment of other nuclear generating units, as well as expiring contracts with other generation facilities. In response to these system-wide reliability needs, the IESO has launched the long-term request for proposals (the “LT1 RFP”), which aims to acquire capacity services from New Build and expansions to existing electricity resources starting in 2025.

The IESO is seeking to competitively procure approximately 3,700 MW of year-round electricity reliability services from New Build Electricity resources through the LT1 RFP, measured on an effective capacity basis.  Of this 3,700 MW, the IESO has stated that it is targeting 2,500 MW of energy storage, and at least 1,500 MW of non-emitting resources. These assets will be connected to Ontario’s Distribution or Transmission system, registered in the IESO Administered Markets, and capable of delivering more than 1 MW continuously for at least four consecutive hours.

Vaughan 1E Energy Storage 1 LP, a subsidiary of Alectra Convergent Development LP (the “Alectra Convergent JV”), is proposing to develop a 20 MW / 80 MWh energy storage solution that will deliver this capacity to the IESO. These battery-based energy storage systems will reduce Ontario’s dependency on fossil fuels, increase the reliability and resiliency of Ontario’s electric grid, and support the growth of Ontario’s economy.

The Alectra Convergent JV is committed to involving Ontario’s local and indigenous communities throughout the development process. Details pertaining to each project can be found below, along with a schedule for public engagement sessions, which will be held in each host community. These public information sessions will provide local and indigenous communities with opportunities to ask questions and offer feedback. All feedback collected from these forums will recorded and reported on this website to ensure transparency and accountability.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Battery Energy Storage Systems, or BESS, are rechargeable batteries that are capable of storing energy from different sources or during off-peak hours and dispatching it onto the electricity grid when needed. BESS constitute one of the most reliable, sustainable and cost-effective solutions to Ontario’s electricity system need; by charging from Ontario’s clean nuclear and hydroelectric generation overnight, a BESS can provide emissions-free generation during periods of high demand. BESS can also be deployed quickly – unlike traditional transmission and distribution system upgrades. These systems also have the capability to improve grid stability and provide backup power in some applications.

Container Storage
The Alectra Convergent Development Joint Venture (JV)

With a track-record of safe, reliable BESS development experience in Ontario, the Alectra Convergent Development JV was pre-qualified by the IESO to participate in the LT1 RFP. The Alectra Convergent Development JV is proposing up to 10 energy storage solutions as part of the Expedited Long-Term RFP. These solutions will vary in size and location and will provide capacity service to Ontario’s grid for a minimum of 20 years.

Only proven Tier 1 equipment suppliers will be used in the projects proposed by Alectra Convergent Development JV.  Long-term capacity guarantees from the system integrators will backstop every system. Specific power density and system efficiencies vary slightly and may impact system footprints and other project specific information provided below.

Safety is a main component of these installations.  Tier 1 suppliers include safety in all aspects of their designs from the individual battery cell design, to factory installed connections between cells, up to system level battery monitoring systems (BMS) that incorporate the latest in multi-level fault detection, isolation, and protection features.  These systems produce no direct air or water emissions, and noise emissions are generally lower than that of the nearby public roadways. Environmental studies will be performed at each site to ensure there will be no adverse impacts to all adjacent properties and surrounding areas.

Community Benefits

Jobs and Economic Development:

  • Deploying BESS enables faster and more affordable electrical connections for new commercial, industrial and residential development; it’s a more cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional poles and wires infrastructure and will support job creation throughout the province.
  • By enhancing access to electrical capacity, these BESS will allow cities and municipalities to be more strategic in realizing their economic development goals when sourcing large industrial and commercial projects.
  • Additionally, the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of these BESS will create local jobs.

Reliability and Resiliency:

  • New local energy storage assets have the potential to reduce outages in the community during extreme weather events and improve restoration timelines when outages do happen.
  • The distributed nature of the BESS proposed by the Alectra Convergent Development JV will provide the ability to quickly and reliably support voltage, regulate frequency and provide capacity – all essential needs of any electricity system.


  • New storage capacity will reduce Ontario’s need to rely on gas generation in the coming years. Battery storage is emissions free and generally charged by non-emitting power such as hydro, nuclear and renewables generated at off-peak times.

Proposed Project

Vaughan MTS #1E

Address: 8000 Dufferin Street (Dufferin & Hwy 407), Vaughan

Site Size: 45,000 SF

Proposed project size:
20 MW / 80 MWh

Vaughan MTS #1E located on map

BESS Public Info Session


Location / Address

Relevant Project(s)

Date / Time / Meeting Minutes


Civic Centre Resource Library

2191 Major Mackenzie Dr. Vaughan, ON. L6A 4W2

Vaughan MTS #1E

December 13, 2022 (11am-1pm)

Meeting Minutes