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Alectra Energy Solutions is shaping the future of energy as we know it. We are writing the next chapter in the changing face of energy in Ontario based on our strong legacy from the past. We are moving forward - as one organization - to provide safe, reliable and innovative energy solutions throughout Canada and beyond.

Raman Bansal

Raman Bansal

Manager, Key Accounts
Developers, Municipalities & Regions, Transit

Raman strongly believes the energy system of the 21st century is poised for change, with increased penetration of renewable generation, emerging of electric vehicles, new capabilities of big data, and disruptive technologies. While the future of energy is evolving, his goal is to help ensure that businesses are ready and equipped with the right solution, while making the environment a priority. He is a seasoned professional with proven experience in helping business’s optimize operational and financial savings through energy management. Raman holds a Bachelor Degree with Honours in Business Administration and a diploma in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology. Raman firmly believes that “the greenest watt is the one that doesn’t have to be produced”.

Nicholas Ganesh Headshot

Nicholas Ganesh

Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail
Production, Warehouse, Logistics, Retail

Nicholas is an Electromechanical Engineering graduate, Certified Engineering Technologist, Project Management Professional, and Certified Energy Manager, with over 10 years of experience in the energy industry. His primary focus is to serve as a dedicated energy ally for customers, ensuring they receive tailored solutions to optimize their energy usage and reduce costs. Nicholas looks to support energy initiatives identifying opportunities and providing an unbiased opinion on the best course of action. His goals are to help customers reduce operational expenditures, improve sustainability, and take advantage of available incentive programs or external funding.

Michael Attard

Michael Attard

Industrial, Process
Automotive, Steel & Metal, Machinery, Waste, Construction

Michael is a Certified Energy Manager and Measurement and Verification Professional. He holds a Mechanical Engineering Diploma with a specialty in Building Sciences. Michael has been in the energy consulting industry for more than 10 years and has a customer driven approach. Large Industries offer unique energy challenges and, as your energy partner, Michael looks to deliver holistic solutions for customers ranging from energy efficiency analysis to custom Distributed Energy Resource packages.

Eric Panza headshot

Eric Panza

Large Commercial & Critical Loads
Commercial, Hospitals, Education, Data Centers

Eric is a seasoned professional with nearly 10 years experience in account management, data center solutions and technology infrastructure. With a commitment to empowering customers in achieving their sustainability goals and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets, Eric is dedicated to fostering a greener electrification path. Eric is passionate about helping clients navigate the complexities of energy management and technology infrastructure while simultaneously contributing to a more sustainable future. In a rapidly evolving landscape, Eric stands as a reliable energy ally for those seeking innovative solutions that not only optimize energy consumption but also pave the way for a more environmentally conscious and resilient future.